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Since becoming doulas, both Zuleima and Fatima have completed various trainings and workshops led by Indigenous People and People of Color educators that have their work rooted in traditional medicine and practices. We know the importance of preserving and restoring cultural practice and we keep this in our practices to better serve our Oxnard community. We have kept asking ourselves: 'How can we expect for Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) babies to live a dignified life with equal opportunities when they are being brought into this world already facing disproportionate challenges that are done based on the color of their skin, language spoken, income, and geographical area? And how can we support birthing people feel safe, calm, and supported?'. So in response, we are creating a spark amongst community by sharing education and resources on reproductive health and justice, from pregnancy to postpartum along with abortion and fertility. Our offerings will be evidence-based with medically accurate information and weaved in cultural and healing practices and traditions. 

Social Justice Fellowship 2022

We have received a 2022 Fellowship with the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County. With this fellowship we created a program which we will be able to facilitate free workshops regarding topics such as: pregnancy, birth, postpartum, abortion, reproductive health, and conception. We prioritize Black, Indigenous, People of Color and LGBTQIA+ folks. 

These workshops are not a doula training. No content in these workshops is not, and should not, replace medical advice. Workshops are facilitated by birth workers and other professionals.

If you would like to support our program efforts, we have a wishlist of items we need for the workshops. Please find it here or contact us if you would like to make a monetary donation. Thank you!

Find out more about the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County


Oxnard Birthworkers Collective

Zuleima Jimenez (She/ They) Mayan/ Taino indigenous person was born and raised in Oxnard Ca, (Chumash Territory). Received her Bachelor’s in 2013 for Public Health and a minor in Holistic Studies from SFSU. In 2017, completed her birth work and womb support training at CSUCI through a program created in efforts to have more birth workers available via Medical in Ventura County. Since then, she has been continuously learning and working closely with the community and plant medicine in an effort to share “alternative” forms of healing and bringing life into the world that may be more culturally appropriate, supportive and offer healing at a deeper level.

Patience, studying, experience and practice, manifested in how she is now able to support community with her highest presence and loving attention with respect to your true essence while in deep relationship to the universe, our earth and her heart. She is able to offer these tools and skills due to her life paths journey and connections to the various sacred teachers, elders, mentors, family and friends who have opened her heart space along the way.

She stays constantly connecting to the land, plants and beings that surround her current space in time, in efforts to keep spreading the abundance of medicine that is within and around each of us.​

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Fatima Chavez Lopez(she/they) is a first-generation Chicana from Oxnard, California. Fatima attended California State University, Long Beach and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology. She first started on this path in 2014 working with traditional plant medicine and after several years of studying, she developed an interest in womb health. She then completed her doula training in 2019 with Birthworkers of Color based in Long Beach.  Since becoming a doula she has completed various trainings and workshops led by Indigenous and POC educators that have their work rooted in traditional practices and medicine. Through the University of California San Diego's Extension Program, Fatima completed the Lactation Educator and Counselor certification program in December 2019.

Fatima believes we know our body best and that we are guided by intuition, informed decisions, and consent. She believes through that wisdom we can make the best decisions about our body and health. She approaches care through a trauma informed lens and centers the individual and their needs first. Her doula work is rooted in Traditional Mexican medicine that is constantly evolving with teachings from her mother and mentors.

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If you offer any sort of support such as body work or care for people in Birth, Postpartum or Abortion journey and you would like listed in our resource page for community to get in contact with, please send us a message letting us know.
If you are a birthworker yourself and would like to be a part of the collective, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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